Have you seen the new Weblogic Workshop released with Weblogic 8.0? Are you impressed by the flash demo, cool graphics and seamless BPM workflow visual editor based development? I’ve just had quite a discussion with some of my companies product management people. It was suggested we ditch the open source and open standards based stuff we’re using to build a major web application for a big customer we have, in favour of this new workshop and BEAs webflow technology. So right now we’re using Eclipse for development, Struts, Tiles, JSTL and EL. Hmmm, let me think about that for just a nanosecond – no way dude! First of all, why didn’t they just build on Eclipse? Why reinvent an inferior, Swing-based (barf) IDE wheel? And all this jpd stuff is totally proprietary. Even if BEA push to standardize some of this it’ll be years before there are other implementations (and it’ll be different). I just can’t see too many people ditching Eclipse and best use open source for this. I guess BEA have deep pockets, but I think this is a mistake.


Aloha World

December 3, 2003

Aloha World – the classic opener with a Codecurl twist!