Eclipse RCP

January 26, 2004

I understand there’s going to be a new Eclipse project, carved out from the current IDE, for building rich client applications using SWT and JFace. I’ve spent a lot of my development career building thick and creamy client apps for trading rooms (InVision Advanced Workstation, +Arena) and (not so successfully) development tools for next (read: never) generation interactive A/V content. I’m a big fan of Eclipse largely because of SWT. The idea of being able to develop a native Java application that is at home on the windows desktop is great. Add to this an OSGi based core, if the Eclipse Equinox subproject works out, and you’ve got dynamic module loading. I can see those next generation financial workstations now, and the traders screaming blue murder as the thing locks up as the garbage collection kicks in 🙂 Just kidding guys, go for it!


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