I recently put a set of Nimbus Armadillo tires on my Specialized Rockhopper. I’ve been using it for commuting and won’t be getting to the mountains for a while, so I ditched the MTB tires for some extra speed and flat resistence. These things are cranked to 100 psi, though the guy in the shop told me he puts his up to 125! Kabooom!!

I like my Rockhopper – I got one with front and rear discs, but I really want something with rear suspension too. Cycleways in Dublin has the Enduro reduced to about 1800 euros. Drool.


I’ve been doing quite a lot of Eclipse plugin development lately. If you are starting off with Eclipse and you find yourself asking “how do I … ?” and “shouldn’t that be easy … ?” – and most of the time you really cannot find the kind of answers you’re looking for in any online resource – check out Offical Eclipse 3.0 FAQs by John Arthorne & Chris Laffra. It will answer a lot of (if not quite all) your questions.

Book wise, a good place to start is Erich Gamma and Kent Beck’s Contributing to Eclipse: Principles, Patterns, and Plugins. It actually dates from Eclipse 2.1 and early 3.0 times, but despite this the principles are wholly relevant and well worth covering. Read this before getting into Eric Clayberg and Dan Rubel’s Eclipse: Building Commercial Quality Plugins, which while worth the study, I felt definitely required the kind of fundamental background Gamma and Beck’s book gives.