Landed at the Cape

May 6, 2006

I’ve wanted to get into the SOA and Enterprise Service Bus space for some time now. When an opportunity arose to join Cape Clear Software, the leading ESB vendor, I was excited by the prospect and impressed by the people I met. From a technical perspective, it fit nicely with my keen interest in Eclipse tooling on the one hand, server technology, and enterprise architecture in general. So pretty much the whole kit and kaboodle then! This is clearly a red hot space right now, and rightly so, SOA is changing the way we do so many things. Cape Clear have a stellar SOA platform that is ready to go out of the box, giving you tons of loosely coupled integration options that work first time. So I charted a course, and I’ve just landed at the Cape. One of the things I’m going to be helping Cape Clear do is to define extension points for BAM (Business Activity Monitoring). More on that later.


Too many blogs, too little time. I’ve been looking for so so long for an RSS reader to grab and organise my favorite blogs. Every few months I’ve trawled around, picked the latest versions of a few I’ve looked at before, found a couple of new ones to try, and given them a quick look. I’m not looking for much, but it has consistently amazed (and disappointed) me that none of them were exactly what I wanted. Then the other day I did my trawl again, and the first one I came across was Omea Reader from JetBrains. Straight away I was intrigued, being familiar with the excellent Intellij IDEA. Sure enough, Omea rocks! Not only does it do blogs, but news feeds too, and a whole bunch of other stuff. How did I miss this before? Its been out for over a year and is now at a 2.1.4 release.