Omea needs some usability tweaks

June 14, 2006

I mentioned recently that I was impressed by Omea Reader, the blog and news organiser from JetBrains. I still am, I have all my favorite blogs coralled now, and have been busy circling the blogosphere looking for more targets. But all is not cow-cow in the world of blogsumption. One really annoying feature is the fact that, when there is a reference to another blog in a post, or on a website page, and you right click and subscribe, you have to step through a wizard to complete the subscription. I want a Quick Subscribe, just use the defaults and don’t interrupt what I’m doing. The next is the fact that having subscribed, the reader window opens the feed, when in fact most of the time that is not what I want, I’m just subscribing for later, I want to continue on the blog / page I was on. Then it gets worse. If you’re on a website which you went to from a feed, the back button takes you back to the feed, not to the website. Arrgghh. Are you listening JetBrains? Read my smoke signals. Ok, I have not looked too deeply at the preferences, maybe I can change this behaviour. Another thing though, unlike SharpReader, there is no tray alert when a new post is downloaded. I miss my tray constantly bugging me. I do. Honest.


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