AMQP: an open specification for queue based messaging

June 25, 2006

The Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) 0.8 spec has been released. AMQ is an open specification for queued messaging that was born at JPMorgan Chase under the direction of John O’Hara. JPMorgan have formed the AMQP Working Group, together with a bunch of companies including Red Hat, Cisco and Iona. They aim to create an alternative to expensive proprietary messaging middleware like IBMs MQSeries. IBM aren’t the only vendor selling an overpriced queuing system, I reckon TIBCO fall into that category too. I understand this has been brewing behind the scenes for a while, but a lot of folks weren’t sure it would ever see the light of day. As Brian McCallister puts it this is a space badly in need of an open standard, but has concerns about whether it will be properly opened up. According to InfoQ JPMorgan have an implementation in production now. I’ve worked on a number of messaging systems for investment bank trading floors (and beyond) over the years, going back to NetBIOS days, reliable broadcast with UDP/IP, point-to-point based systems with TCP/IP, including HTTP tunneling based Internet trading infrastructure. Back in those days the messaging systems were the product. These days they should just be part of the woodwork, and hopefully AMQP, OpenWire and implementations like ActiveMQ can bring scalable, performant and reliable asychronous messaging to all enterprises.


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