A long time ago

October 24, 2006

Somewhere I have not been for a very long time is http://www.microsoft.com. I wonder what it is like there now? Is it still great? (The word that appears in more Microsoft sentences than any other). I was a Microsoft developer for many years (this feels like a confession – hi, my name is David and I’m a Microsoft-holic), then one day I just converted to Java, Eclipse & Co. Just like that, it was like flipping a switch. And I’ve never looked back. But now I’m wondering, while that company doesn’t seem to be so important anymore, am I missing things I should not be? Have I closed my mind too much? Maybe its time to take a look at Visual Studio version whatever and do some comparisons with Eclipse. I never bothered learning C#, I already know it! 🙂 One thing Microsoft always did well were developer tools, and I’m hearing from a couple of friends who are still on the other side that they have some pretty slick stuff … if you want to develop for the CLM (do they still call it that?) and .NOT, uh, I mean .NET. A long time ago Microsoft were a force to be reckoned with. Now you’d want to have your head examined to voluntarily choose the Microsoft platform for Enterprise development. Still, I wouldn’t mind having a peak, if I can just free up enough space on my hard drive…


One Response to “A long time ago”

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