Old-stylie Intel Core Duo

November 30, 2006

Old-stylie Intel Core Duo. We are not alone.


Wireless Power

November 15, 2006

We’ve got wireless communications, but what about wireless power? The answer, it appears, is not light years away.

Just as soon as I get curious about what Microsoft are up to, they up and announce this very fishy partnership with Novell, a classic Microsoft embrace-and-extend of Linux. This industry is littered with the bodies of companies who thought they could partner with Microsoft and survive … while all the details of the deal have not been revealed, I doubt even Novell know what the real deal is. It proves once again that the only constant is change.

Workday launched their company and first product offering this morning, with Cape Clear as a strategic partner enabling Workday customers to better integrate with third-party applications. Workday, founded by Dave Duffield, the founder of Peoplesoft, is a highly anticipated, on-demand solution for Enterprise Business Services, and has selected Cape Clear for SOA integration. As a native web services SOA company, Workday needed an agile ESB platform – as opposed to a complex legacy EAI solution – to aid customers in integrating with third-party applications. They chose the Cape Clear ESB Platform to handle their SOA integration because 1) we are the leading ESB platform, and 2) we are the visionaries in ESB technology. We’re really excited here at the Cape because Workday is a first-mover in delivering a software-as-a-service offering based on a SOA, enabling easier and richer service-level integration with customers and their native systems.