February 20, 2007

The concept of a desktop computer is by now completely ridiculous. Some time ago I invested in a high end, 17″ widescreen, laptop for my work. Someday the concept of so much power and storage capacity in a laptop will also be nuts. Software-as-a-service and all-my-data-as-a-service available to all those SaaS services should make my super powerful laptop redundant. But its the all-my-data-as-a-service, safe and exposable in a controlled manner which is the not yet existant part of this. I’m calling this DaaS. Not to be confused with a certain washing-up powder…


One Response to “DaaS”

  1. […] August 15th, 2007 in SaaS, Web Services Duane talking about social networks doing DaaS and some of the advantages it would have. But beyond social networks, the security and integrity of […]

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