Interesting discussion of the past, present and possible future of SCA.


JPMorgan has an (Eclipse-based) RCP application called OneBench that won the Best Deployment of Eclipse technology in an enterprise Eclipse community award recently. What is really interesting is the fact that they have the development of OneBench set up as an Internal Open Source project, with wiki’s, forums and instant messaging. I was not at Jey Burrows talk, so it’s not clear to me whether they have a committer / contributor separation. Either way, it is another good example of how Open Source best practices are becoming the norm in software development, irrespective of where it takes place.

SaaScon 2007 is taking place in Santa Clara CA, April 17-18. Its a great chance to learn more about how to take advantage of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and how to take your business online. One of keynote speakers is Dave Duffield, CEO and Co-Founder of Workday.

Looks like another train wreck is in progress.

With all the usual caveats and disclaimers, these benchmarks about Groovy+Grails versus Ruby+Rails performance bear out common sense: “Overall, as expected, given its base on solid Java technologies, Grails out performs Rails (100% Ruby) in pretty much every test.”

Hot on the heels of the general release of Cape Clear 7 ESB Platform for On-Demand Integration, we’ve won the Jolt Award 2007 Enterprise Tools category, something we’re really chuffed about. It’s been a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun, here in Cape Clear engineering over the course of the last 18 months. This major release is targeted at helping our customers quickly complete integration projects across heterogeneous environments that help them leverage – not replace – existing IT investments. As Annrai explains in Clear Thinking, our focus with this release is around On-Demand Integration and Software-as-a-Service. The ease-of-use and productivity of our tools enables our customers to get their projects realised and live quickly. The reliability, availability, scalability and performance of our platform ensures those offerings scale On-Demand. We’ve got the benchmarks to back that assertion up, and we’ve got the deployments (from Cisco to P&O Ferries, from Channel 4 to Pearson, from Workday to Mr. Ted) that show Cape Clear 7 ESB Platform is battled-hardened. In recent times we’ve seen a lot of noise made about SOA by the big stack vendors with their bloat-ware. Turn down the volume and turn up the success of your projects: read more about Cape Clear 7 ESB Platform for On-Demand Integration, check out What’s New, download it and try it out for yourself.

One companies experience of converting from CVS to SVN, sounds pretty positive.