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If you haven’t seen Greg the Architect on YouTube, check him out – so funny.

Very funny list from Paul Kedrosky on the top ten “reasons” you may not get your latest Java / Groovy / Ruby / Open Source startup funded. My favorite is #6: We don’t do deals we can’t drive to.

I’m really happy with the latest Groovy Eclipse plugin that I’ve picked up. I’ve been using build for about a week now and its really stable (not sure if its the latest btw). The best thing for me is that the Groovy compiler problems are now showing up in the Eclipse problem view, and the markers identify the correct line of Groovy code. That is a big step forward. Now that I’m cutting Groovy code on an almost daily basis I really appreciate good Eclipse integration. I thought Neal Ford’s comment (“I would rather write Groovy code in VI than Java code in IDEA“) was quite funny, but I’m not quite there yet. Scott Hickey & Co. continue to do a stellar job over at the Codehaus, well done guys!

When wishing to define a good message or documented oriented web service interface, you can start with whatever you like as long as its common (technical) sense. Starting with WSDL guarantees nothing if you are still thinking in RPC terms. And starting with Java can mean starting with a new, appropriately granular, message / document oriented interface and letting a tool do the hard (depending on your view) work of generating WSDL and schema. Neither approach means you are doing code first or contract first development. Loosely coupled, appropriately granular, web service interfaces are about common sense first. Craig has more.

A neat idea for speedier file sharing, and it has a great acronym (SET) and cool words like “handprinting”, so its bound to become a hot topic 🙂

Another REST believer

April 2, 2007

Well, looks like Sanjiva Weerawarana is well and truly converted to RESTfulness.