Really happy with Groovy Eclipse plugin problem marker integration

April 18, 2007

I’m really happy with the latest Groovy Eclipse plugin that I’ve picked up. I’ve been using build for about a week now and its really stable (not sure if its the latest btw). The best thing for me is that the Groovy compiler problems are now showing up in the Eclipse problem view, and the markers identify the correct line of Groovy code. That is a big step forward. Now that I’m cutting Groovy code on an almost daily basis I really appreciate good Eclipse integration. I thought Neal Ford’s comment (“I would rather write Groovy code in VI than Java code in IDEA“) was quite funny, but I’m not quite there yet. Scott Hickey & Co. continue to do a stellar job over at the Codehaus, well done guys!


3 Responses to “Really happy with Groovy Eclipse plugin problem marker integration”

  1. Scott Hickey Says:

    Thanks for nice comments on the plugin. It’s truly a team effort – James Ervin, Edward Povazan, and Dave Kerber – these guys are great to work with. But, that’s only half the team.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the role the customer plays in successful software. This isn’t a new concept, certainly in agile circles, but I seem to be appreciating more and more they way the users (subject matter experts) affect software development.

    The Groovy community in very passionate and engaged. It’s twice the fun for me – both as user of the core Groovy project and as a developer on the plugin. The high quality of the feedback we get on the plugin really *drives* development – which creates more feedback, etc… Thanks for the feedback.

  2. James Says:


    I am using the version How can I upgrade to the same version as yours? I try to update it with eclipse but it says no update found?


  3. Fabian Says:

    …David described… sorry šŸ™‚

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