Cape Clear has been selected as a finalist for the 2007 American Business Awards (aka the “Stevies”). These are kind of like the Oscars of the business world. Stevie Awards are conferred in four programs and Cape Clear has been short-listed for the Best New Product or Service for 2006. Most excellent, more here.


Groovy email

May 14, 2007

Nice article from Paul King on different ways you can use Groovy to send an email which surfaces some of the languages features.

Check it out. I’ve heard Groovy got a lot of love at JavaOne this year, and rightfully so. Yet Sun themselves seem strangely quiet about it in comparison to other languages which do – or do not yet – run on the JVM. I really hope this is not going to be yet another example of Sun missing the blatantly obvious, another Swing v. SWT, NetBeans v. Eclipse gaff that is ever compounded and worsened.

Some great items of news about Groovy and Grails recently. Groovy won the 2007 JAX Innovation Award – Groovy “is a satisfying answer to the latest trends regarding agile, dynamic programming languages and helps users to secure their investments in the Java platform”. And Grails is making real headway – check it out. Groovy and Grails – this isn’t a passing fad, G+G are going to have a huge impact on productivity in our industry.

I think something very close to what Oisin is looking for could be achieved with a Groovy Builder for WSDL, maybe combined with some Groovy DSL sprinkle. And yes, I couldn’t agree more that we so need this.