Solar powered WiFi

July 9, 2007

Soon there won’t be anywhere the radiation can’t get you. But at least when you’re being consumed by the brain tumors you can be happy it was green radiation that got you. I don’t think this is funny btw.


Michael Cote over at Redmonk has quite a good article on the Eclipse Europa release. Interesting in the light of my previous post that he talks about Eclipse developers starting to become a fully fledged category like Java developers and Microsoft developers. However, he does get some things very wrong, like describing Borland/Codegear as one of “the first to dive into the Eclipse platform”. They were so not one of the first, and they are now playing catch up. In contrast, Cape Clear was an early adopter, and the maturity of our tools reflects our considered and considerable investment in building on Eclipse. He mentions the ongoing battle between JSR 277 and OSGi, which Eclipse provides excellent tools for, being built on an OSGi core.

Is Eclipse plugin development experience a specialist skill? I’ve been asking myself this question recently, as here at Cape Clear Software we are recruiting for a senior engineering position on the Eclipse-based (Jolt award winning) Cape Clear Studio team (based in Dublin, Ireland, if you’re interested). I first started learning Eclipse plugin development about four years ago, having been an Eclipse (Java) IDE user for some time before that. I made a deliberate decision to add this development feather to my cap, as I had always been interested in tool development and I saw Eclipse becoming the dominant platform for this. Coupled with that it is one of the most interesting and challenging development environments I’ve worked in. Four years ago there was very little in the way of documentation, articles or books on the platform, so the learning curve was quite steep. Today, things are considerably better, although part of the challenge is the requirement to understand a broad spectrum of APIs – frequently by stepping through their code in the debugger. And that is also part of the pleasure of working with the SDK, that you can step through the code! I think experience in Eclipse plugin development is particularly worthwhile to have. If you are a Java developer, probably already quite comfortable with JavaEE technologies, maybe you’ve done some rich-client work with Swing – IMO, Eclipse is a really super platform on which to broaden and deepen your development skills. Think of it this way, Eclipse is to enterprise tools, as Java, JavaEE and the myriad of Java-based technologies and open source components are to enterprise software in general. When I was in college I always wanted to work on development tools – I just loved Borlands Turbo Pascal and Turbo C products – but the opportunities were pretty much non-existent outside of certain geographical areas. Eclipse has changed that. Now – fifteen years later – I have that job.

If you are an Eclipse plugin developer and enjoy working on development tools (as opposed to just using them), there is a really great job going on the Cape Clear Eclipse-based tools development team, working on the Jolt award winning Cape Clear Studio. As Eclipse-development jobs go, it doesn’t get much better than this. It is a relatively small team, and we’re looking for a senior engineer who can take on large chunks of work and really push the limits in the ODI / SOA / ESB tools space. Technology-wise, its Eclipse core platform plus WTP, EMF, GEF, GMF, BIRT, and expanding all the time. The domain is pretty interesting too – SOA/ESB, WS-*, BPEL, SaaS etc. Its agile software development at its best, test-driven (or test-with anyway!), JIRA, wiki, and we follow SCRUMM which is a really lightweight process i.e. you won’t have to spend half your life producing UML diagrams! Code and junit tests are king. We’re looking for someone with experience who is really into the Eclipse platform, tools and software technology in general. There is also ample opportunity to get involved in and other open source projects. The job is based in Dublin, Ireland – a most excellent place to live. If you think this might be for you, drop me an email with any questions you’ve got (David Black), and/or send your resume / C.V. to Dave Barry. Here is the full job specification:

Senior Eclipse Tools Specialist

Location: Dublin central, Ireland.

We are looking for a product engineering professional to help design and deliver the next generation of our Cape Clear Studio product. Cape Clear Studio is an Eclipse base IDE for development, deployment and testing of Java, BPEL and XSLT based Web Services
Qualifying candidates must have more than 6 years commercial software development experience with commercial Java development.
This role offers an opportunity to drive the design, creation and development of Cape Clear’s industry-leading product suite. Candidates are therefore expected to demonstrate superior levels of expertise and proven experience of world-class product delivery.

Required Skills
The following skills are essential for this role:
– Experience of having led or significantly participated in the design of a major and demonstrably successful HCI/UI product delivery.
– Proven excellence in Java development and object-oriented development techniques and best practise.
– Excellent design and communications skills
– Experience with working in an agile development processes

Desirable Skills
The following skills are beneficial, and are ranked in terms of their importance to the role: (H=High, M=Medium, L=Low)
– Experience of Eclipse plug-in development; including experience with the following APIs: core platform, SWT, JDT, EMF, GEF, WTP a distinct advantage (H)
– Experience of using or preferably implementing, process modelling tools such as Workflow and BPM. (H)
– Knowledge and or exposure to BPEL
– XML development experience [XML Schema, DOM, SAX, SOAP, XSLT etc] (H)
– Experience in maintaining Ant based build scripts is desireable (H)
– Usability design experience (H)
– Experience of JSP and Servlet development (M)
– Web Services development experience [WSDL, SOAP, RASP etc.] (M)
– Experience of Integration technology, EAI tools and environments (M)
– Experience of J2EE application server environments such as JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic, Tomcat, Jetty (M)

Key Tasks and Responsibilities
The following tasks and responsibilities will be central to this role:
– Scoping and design of new product features in conjunction with product management.
– Scheduling & Estimation of software projects
– Software Development
– Software Quality Assurance

In addition the following tasks and responsibilities may also be assigned in this role:

– Liaison with Cape Clear sales and support teams where required to ensure customer satisfaction.
– Participate in the development of the Cape Clear engineering team, contributing to reviews of methodologies, standards, and processes.
– Mentoring junior team members

Required Education and Experience
The following education and experience requirements are mandatory for this role:
– Degree level or higher in Computer Science or related discipline.
– Minimum 6 years experience in software.
– Of those 6 years, minimum 5 years experience in Java development
– Java Certification or other relevant qualifications are highly desirable.