More facets please

August 10, 2007

I’m pleased to see that the plan for WTP 3.0 includes the intention to make the Faceted Project Framework more generally available to Eclipse projects and adopters. I may not be so pleased when I figure out the work we’re going to have to do here at Cape Clear to migrate to this, but hopefully it won’t be too painful! Our Web service projects are built on WTP and facets, and while not perfect, broadly speaking adopting the framework has been very positive and successful for us. For example, in Cape Clear 7.5 we’ve added a new Assembly Facet which allows our existing BPEL-based and Java-based web services to take on new behaviour, namely multi-channel, multi-tennant mediations. The facet framework made this really easy. I think I did the basic facet definitions, constraints, data model and install delegate in a few days, and voila! I was then able to add this facet to web service projects created with Cape Clear (Studio) 7. If the work to common-ise the Faceted Project Framework is completed successfully, hopefully we’ll see more adoption amongst Eclipse top level projects, there is one in particular I have in mind that could really benefit, but I won’t mention any names 🙂


One Response to “More facets please”

  1. Abel Muiño Says:

    Facets are a great addition of WTP that could be used in lots of projects outside Eclipse itself.

    Nowadays, most “extras” are distributed as Natures which can be enabled or disabled through the project’s context menu (I’m thinking of m2eclipse or SpringIDE, for example). This clearly fits the Facet uses case, which already provides a way to enable/disable them and won’t clutter the project’s context menu.

    However, while Facets are kept WTP-specific, most projects won’t be able to take advantage of them.

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