RAP seems to be moving along, really need to check out the architecture, I’ve been wondering for a while how performant it is. A nice Web 2.0 -ish demo look n’ feel goes a long way though.


Good design / usability is good design / usability, and poor design / usability is poor design / usability. So it has always been and so it shall always be. Anyone building RIAs (cough) should know this. Products like Flex make the eye candy easy. Only humanoids can produce usable designs, or not. I do like Flex though, very accessible. Just a pity ActionScript syntax is so annoyingly close to Java that I keep finding myself staring at code wondering why it won’t compile.

Nothing like a Microhoo! Frappe in the morning to cheer me up. Chuckle. I reckon Fivebucks should invent a new lip-smacking drink called Microhoo! Frappe, as they hark from the same corner of the planet, then we could all have a laugh at this whole ridiculous escapade on a regular basis, while parting with our hard earned currency. What has this got to do with Java I hear you ask? Uh, they’re both drinks, right?