Anticipating Ganymede

June 25, 2008

I ought to become an Eclipse Friend, then I could have it now. But I’ll wait with the rest until later today. In the meantime I came across a hidden treasures of Eclipse 3.4 post. I really like the drag n’ drop outline view, really cool.


Excellent post from Bill de hOra on the pros and cons of plugins. I read this as mostly pros really, or at least the pros strongly outweigh the cons IMO. And the Isolation con seems a pro to me, specifically in OSGi-land anyway.

You have to treat your employees like your customers. I think the same would be said in Workday. btw, we’re hiring.

There are two things that should never play any role in technology development: religion and politics. Sadly, they often do – but don’t call yourself an engineer if you are a party to either.