You bet baby! I’m thankful for Steve Jobs today too. Historians will look back on the 21st century and view the introduction of the iPhone as a seminal moment in Human History.


Ah, the irony

November 26, 2009

Who knows what goes on in the head of the Googlempire, but one things for sure, its about (making) the money, stupid! Still, between poor developer relations and the problems of a so-called open market, Android may struggle to make the impact many are predicting. The controlled eco-system of the iPhone has fundanmental advantages for developers – the App Store works, I trust what I buy there, I know it will work on my device – even if getting an app in there can sometimes be difficult. So closed is open, and open is closed.

I find I’m having an increasing number of “there’s an app for that” moments. I was in a bookshop a couple of days ago and I spotted a new book by a well known author. But as I hadn’t heard about it, I used Red Laser to scan the barcode (got a strange look from one of the bookshop assistants for that one) and surfed on over to Amazon, where I read a couple of reviews and decided against buying it. There’s an app for that too.

Shelton says “At this stage of the game, it’s easy to see how [Symbian] will be the biggest community around an open operating system.” Oh dear. Someone is living in cloud cuckoo land. This is so a two horse race, its iPhone and Android. The openness, or lack thereof, is largely irrelevant.