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Groovy & Grails growing up

November 12, 2008

Almost missed this news, but great to see that the SpringSource folks reckon G&G is really catching on.

OSGi and legacy code

July 7, 2008

Interesting question from Peter Kriens on OSGi and its mechanisms, present and perhaps future, for dealing with legacy code. I am reminded of the KISS principle. Having said that, we recently had to make use of Eclipse buddies here for Workday Integration Studio. The buddy mechanism is definitely a legacy dig-out.

Apparently, Oracle is putting the Eclipse-based WebLogic Workshop out to grass in favour of JDeveloper. If this wasn’t so sad, it would be hilariously funny. Wait a second … it is hilariously funny. To call this dumb would be a insult to the term.

Excellent post from Bill de hOra on the pros and cons of plugins. I read this as mostly pros really, or at least the pros strongly outweigh the cons IMO. And the Isolation con seems a pro to me, specifically in OSGi-land anyway.

There are two things that should never play any role in technology development: religion and politics. Sadly, they often do – but don’t call yourself an engineer if you are a party to either.

Nothing like a Microhoo! Frappe in the morning to cheer me up. Chuckle. I reckon Fivebucks should invent a new lip-smacking drink called Microhoo! Frappe, as they hark from the same corner of the planet, then we could all have a laugh at this whole ridiculous escapade on a regular basis, while parting with our hard earned currency. What has this got to do with Java I hear you ask? Uh, they’re both drinks, right?