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Keep it close

January 5, 2009

Amazon seeing that people do care about where their stuff is hosted. I read technical and non-technical reasons for this.

50 and counting

July 31, 2008

Workday has passed the 50 customers milestone!

Yet another example, if we needed one, of a business in trouble because of a SAP implementation. And this article doesn’t mention the 100 million euros (thats about 150 million US dollars) that was poured down the drain in the Irish Health Service a couple of years ago on – have you guessed it? – a SAP implementation gone bad.  Want to consolidate your ERP systems into one, cut costs and get off the horribly expensive upgrade treadmill? Want your business to remain healthy, as opposed to going into financial meltdown? Choose Workday. Yes, I work for Workday, but no, I’m not biased. I just have a brain and I use it.

Workday, the On-Demand Enterprise Services provider, is to acquire Cape Clear, read the announcement here. Read more from Annrai, and learn more about Integration On Demand. I’m very excited to be part of the Workday team, software delivered as services is the future, and integrating into and in the cloud is a vital component in realising that future. I’m really looking forward to helping make this happen and making it simple to achieve, enabling more and more enterprises realise the benefits, cost savings and new opportunities that software-as-a-service brings.

Big Switch to the Cloud

January 9, 2008

I’m eagerly awaiting my copy of The Big Switch, ordered from Amazon.com as it has not been published in Europe yet (plus with the exchange rate its cheaper anyway). Michael Cote has just started reading it and has some thoughts on the big switch and the Cloud. Mentions ESBs as the gateway, but does not mention Cape Clear (we’re not clients). This is a big focus for us and we’ve had considerable success solving this key issue with Workday and their customers using the Cape Clear ESB. Jeff Kaplan has a good post on the Top Ten Reasons Why On-Demand Services Will Soar in 2008.

Cape Clear links

October 15, 2007

Todays Cape Clear links: